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My Bio

A Rolling Stones fanatic. I Shook hands with MICK, KEITH & RONNIE, Mick Taylor, Daryl, Bernard, Blondie, Alexandra Richards & Pierre. I Just need Charlie! Hard Knox & DURTYSOX (as written on the Let It Bleed inside album sleeve) Favorite shows I attended: Boston Orpheum2002 & Mtv -Live at 10 Spot1997 First show: 1981 NJ, Last Show: 2015 Raleigh NC approx 62 total shows I KNOW, its a goofy photo of me with MICK JAGGER. Dumb luck that I have worked interviews with Mick & Keith a few times

My Occupation

freelance video production, corporate & broadcast. NY Yankees

My Hobbies

The Rolling Stones, Mountain Biking, surfing, guitars, video & photography

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